Branding. Illustration. Print Design. Web Design. Product Design. Sick Guitar Riffs.

My name is David Rojo, I've been designing for the past 15 years. I am currently working independently and located just west of Austin, Texas, in a not-so-little-anymore town named Dripping Springs. Since 2013, I began working primarily with Craft Breweries, and would consider the industry one of my niches. Since craft beer has blown up on the scene, the palate of flavors seems to be endless, and I strive to create memorable experiences for each flavor.

But hey, wait, you might not be a brewery. Well, my career has taken me everywhere from print, web, to UI/UX design. No matter what industry you are in, if you need help communicating your brand to your clients or customers, my goal is to create solutions to help you achieve just that.

Need help with your project? Want to talk about who the best Heavy Metal band of all time is, and why it's Judas Priest? Get in touch at rojo@rojorevolution.com

Find me on LinkedIn or on Instagram for additional work and musings.

Core Services

Identity / Branding:
• Naming Services
• Identity Design
• Branding and Brand Guideline creation

Print Design
• Packaging Design
• Branded Collatoral: Signage, Business Cards, Brochures, you name it.

Web / UI Design
• Website Design
• Product Design UI / UX

Vector Illustration:
• Custom artwork based on your needs

Have something else in mind? I can help! Get in touch and let me know.