Adscend Media

Product / UI Design

Publisher Dashboard

For members who were approved, access to the Adscend Media Publisher Dashboard was granted. The dashboard contained all the information you would need to set up a monetization solution on your website or app. Much like the original website, the dashboard was also in need of a complete UI overhaul. This was no small feat as the dashboard itself was massive, and our small team still needed to work on other projects to continue to bring in revenue.

Initial page was designed to give users a quick overview of their account. This included an announcements section, stats, earnings and revenue broken down by day, week, and month, as well as some of the latest and newest offers that were recently added to the platform.

Adscend Media boasted somewhere around 2,000+ offers at any given time. One of the biggest challenges was to organize and create a robust search feature so their users could easily find individual offers that best suited their needs.

We also needed a reports / stats page for our users which included various data points that could be search by specific dates.

Adscend Media offered three main products that could be set up to monetize a website or app. The Offer Wall, Market Research, and Each product could be set up individually, and the flow was designed to be familiar with each one. The typical set up was to create a profile with basic information, customize the product’s color scheme, and integrating with the help of our documentation.

Offer Wall

The Offer Wall was Adscend Media's first monetization tool in the Rewarded Ad industry, and the first product I helped bring to life when I joined their team. The premise is that users can choose offers to complete, in order to earn points they can use towards rewards based on the website or app. The idea was to create an easy to integrate solution, that lists all available offers, as well as be able to filter them by categories or payouts.

One of the Offer Walls largest revenue drivers was the integrated Market Research. Users would begin by creating a profile for themselves. They would then be given a variety of Market Research survey offers to complete. The offers would refresh daily for the most part, giving users incentive to continue to return.

Of course, as with most products, we needed to include a robust support feature for our users. Our support panel featured and FAQ, Offer History + email support, an area to make updates to your Market Research Profile, as well as the ability to receive notifications.

The Offer Wall had a variety of integration methods, including web-based via i-frame or standalone, or an API. All of which were built with the mobile web in mind.

For apps, we created native SDKS for Android, iOS, and Unity