Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

Branding / Identity Design

Wilderness Inspired Ales and Lagers

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company was created to celebrate hand crafted, artisanal beers that are inspired by the beautiful and diverse state of Arizona. In 2014, craft beer in Arizona was in it's infancy. The few breweries that existed, consisted more of cranking out the same 5-6 beers year round and never adventuring into new territory palate wise. Founder Jonathon Buford and Patrick Ware wanted to create a brewery as diverse as the natural beauty found in the state of Arizona. I have been working with Arizona Wilderness since day one, building and growing their branding. Within their first year of operation, they were named the "Best New Brewery In The World" by, and have since expanded to a separate Sour and Barrel Aging Facility, and a new Downtown Phoenix Beer Garden.

Their main idendity design, though it has evolved a bit over time, still remains anchored around the shape, which is inspired by the many Wilderness Region Signs found around the country at National Parks and Wilderness Monuments.

Wilderness Inspired Ales and Lagers

Photo taken by founder and owner Jonathon Buford.

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. DTPHX
Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. Alternate Logo

Individual Beer Identity Designs

As the craft beer industry exploded in the United States, it became clear that a breweries beers are a heavy part of the of their brand identity. Even before Arizona Wilderness was packaging any of their beer, we began to work on individual identities for the beers they knew would soon be packaged. Below is a collection of different identity designs I pioneered in creating for the brewery.

Local Citrus Series
American Presidential Stout
Babo Belgian Blonde
Barelywine Barleywine
Bear Wallow Berliner Weiss
Biere de Wassail
Big Horn Triple Ipa
Brutal Nature
Camp Coolship
Chef Inspired Series
Chocolate Bunny
Coffee Black Whiskey Neat
Connection Saison
DC Mountain Double IPA
Dirty Hop Water
Fernet About It
Foraging Series
Headin West
Hellsgate Helles
Hummingbird Springs Saison
La Ciudad IPA
Lead Jam
Leggo my Ego
Lil Guy Rye
Big Guy Rye
Levanta Muertos
March For Orange IPA
Muirs Mure
Old Growth Forest Series
Petting Feral Cats
Planet Persica
Refuge IPA
Region Sauvage d'Arizona
Sangio Cerveza
Shades of Citrus
The New Brood
The New Brood - Color
The Stuffing
Tropical Storm
Watermelon Gose
Wet Beaver Creek Wit
White Canyon Blonde Stout
Wolf Country Malt Liqour
Woolsey the Wild