Branding. Illustration. Print Design. Web Design. Product Design. Sick Guitar Riffs.

My name is David Rojo, and over the past 15 years I have worked in practically every aspect of design. From print production, layout design, identity design, branding, web design to product design (UI/UX). If you need help creating engaging products or communicating your brand to your customers or clients, I can help find solutions.

Currently I am working as a freelance Art Director and Designer with an emphasis in the craft beer industry. However I am open to all variety of projects in print, web, and UI/UX design. The grand majority of my projects are from repeat clients, some of which I have been working with for over six years since they began their company.

Need help with your project? Want to talk about who the best Heavy Metal band of all time is, and why it's Judas Priest? Feel free to reach out through any of the formats listed on this page.

Get in touch!
Email: rojo@rojorevolution.com
Instagram: instagram.com/rojorevolution/