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Adscend Media

  • Dates:
  • Main Collaborators:
    Tony Cohn (Marketing)
    Fehzan Ali (CEO)
    Mike Dunn (CTO)
  • My Role:
    Brand Updates
    Brand Standard

  • Web Design and Layout
    User Flows
    Custom Animations
  • I worked with Adscend Media for nearly five years, in a market I never even realized existed before. Adscend Media is an Ad Network, that also provides monetization solutions for websites and now, apps. It began as a two person operation and ran that way for the first four years of it's existence. At the time, their main monetization solution was something called Content Locking. Essentially a way to require viewers/users to complete an ad offer of some sort before they can access the remainder of the content. The online ad world moves quickly though, and content locking soon became a thing of the past. This is where changes to try to grow Adscend Media were made, and I was brought onto the team as their sole Designer, and technically speaking their Art Director.

    Though the company had already been around for a few years, we were for the most part starting from scratch. First we began by designing and deploying a new Monetization Solution called an Offer Wall as seen this the UI project. Then we began to shift focus to the brand itself. I spearheaded a rebrand of Adscend Media's identity, as well as repositioning the brand into the Rewarded Ad Space through a shift in messaging and ethos, of "Making Every Experience Rewarding."



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