Marketing, Presentations and Infographics

Adscend Media

  • Dates:
  • Platforms:
    Media Presentation
    Print Design
  • Main Collaborators:
    Tony Cohn (Marketing)
    Fehzan Ali (CEO)
    Mike Dunn (CTO)
  • My Role:
    Custom Artwork
    Layout Design
    Flow / Animation
    Print Design
  • This panel was used primarily for Advertisers, focusing on Data, and Fraud Prevention. Below is just a few pages form the 29 Page Panel Book.

    Developer Sales Deck

    This sales deck was created for App Developers who are looking for new ways to Monetize their app. This deck was also used on the Adscend Media websites, and offered a bonus to Developers who read through it.

    Market Research Infographic

    A sales inforgraphic for our Market Research surveys, created for potential Market Research Partners and Advertisers.

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