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Make Every Experience Rewarding

Make Every Experience Rewarding
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I worked with Adscend Media for nearly five years, in a market I never even realized existed before. Adscend Media is an Ad Network, that also provides monetization solutions for websites and apps. It began as a two person operation and ran that way for the first four years of it's existence. At the time, their main monetization solution was something called Content Locking. Essentially a way to require viewers/users to complete an ad offer before they can access the remainder of the content they were looking for. The online ad world moves quickly though, and content locking soon became a thing of the past. This is where changes to try to grow Adscend Media were made, and I was brought onto the team as their sole Designer and Art Director.

Though the company had already been around for a few years, we were for the most part starting from scratch. The branding in general needed a lot of work. Their messaging was confusing and hard to understand, and their website wasn't even responsive at the time. I spearheaded a rebrand of the original brand identity and website, and also pioneered a revamp to their messaging and better positioned the company into the Rewarded Ad Space with the emphasis of "Making Every Experience Rewarding."

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