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Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

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  • Main Collaborators:
    Jonathon Buford (Founder)
    Patrick Ware (Founder)
    AZW Marketing Team
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    Identity Design
    Brand Standards
    Print Collateral
  • This project began back in 2014, the craft beer scene was finally starting to gain traction in the Phoenix, AZ valley. At the time, the only existing craft breweries in the region were larger production focused breweries, who didn’t dare to deviate from their core line-up of beers.

    From blistering deserts to lush forests and snow topped mountains, founders Jonathon Buford and Patrick Ware were inspired by natures diversity to create a brewpub with just as diverse offerings. From traditional Ales, dry-hopped double IPA’s to Barrel Aged Stouts and sour beers, Arizona Wilderness was one of the first breweries in the area to break the mold of what it meant to be a local brewery.

    Their ethos goes beyond just their wide variety of beers though. Arizona Wilderness is all about Arizona First. They have made it their mission to source as much of their ingredients in both their beers and their food from local Arizona farms and growers. From their use of AZ grown grains from Sinagua Malt, to Arizona Grass Fed Beef and vegetables sourced from local farms. Arizona Wilderness is all about keeping everything as interesting and diverse as the beautiful Wilderness areas in the state, and above all, keeping it local.

    Primary Identity

    The primary brand identity was inspired by the various wooden signs one can see in wilderness areas, across the US. Made of wood, they tend to have a bit of an unusual shape to them which makes them stand out. When I first consulted with the founders, they weren’t at the time putting too much thought into the importance of a well designed identity and how that relates to building their brand. The biggest challenge of their identity was in the length of the name. Initial variations included more details like wood grain, and other elements within the design. Eventually were able to work to a more simplified design which still contained the prominent odd shape of the actual Wilderness area signs.


    Pattern Usage




    Primary Colors

    Being inspired by the wilderness, I wanted to invoke some earth tones as part of the brand, but at the same time also wanted the option to use a bright color to also demand attention.

    PMS 4244 C

    PMS 3564 C

    Secondary Colors

    Due to the business's hyper focus on Arizona first ingredients, the AZ state flag colors were also employed a lot as secondary colors to emphasize locality. Particularly through the use of the badge / icon. These colors are meant to be use sparingly.

    PMS 4244 C

    PMS 3564 C

    PMS 4244 C

    PMS 3564 C


    Hospitality Touch Points

    Mainstay Label Template

    Dirty Hop Water - Mother Dirty Hop Water - Mother Dirty Hop Water - Mother Dirty Hop Water - Mother Dirty Hop Water - Mother

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