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Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

  • Dates:
  • Main Collaborators:
    Jonathon Buford (Founder)
    Patrick Ware (Founder)
    AZW Marketing Team
  • My Role:
    Identity Design
    Identity Animation
  • From the start it was decided that each beer could be treated as having it’s own identity and story. By my estimation, I have designed over 200 different identities and labels in packaged format for Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. The goal was always to create an individual logo design for each beer that can be translated into merchandise or individual promotion. Below is a small collection of some of my absolute favorite designs over the years.

    Barleywine Barleywine
    Muir's Mure Sour Ale
    Estrella Pale Ale
    Coffee Black Whiskey Neat
    Trigo Triple IPA
    Shades of Citrus
    Old Growth Forest Series
    Brutal Nature
    Skull Valley
    Woolsey The Wild
    Biere de Wassail
    Big Horn Triple IPA
    Camp Coolship
    Chef Inspired Series
    Chocolate Bunny
    Cold Fashioned
    Dirty Hop Water
    Hellsgate Helles
    La Ciudad IPA
    Lead Jam Lager
    Love It Like It's Yours
    March For Orange IPA
    New Brood Braggot
    Picket Post Pils
    Refuge IPA
    Region Sauvage d' Arizona
    Sangio Cerveza
    Sonora White Wheat Ale
    Tropical Storm IPA
    Watermelon Gose
    White Canyon Blonde Stout
    Babo Blonde Ale
    Bear Wallow Berliner Weiss
    AZ Citrus Series

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