Pinthouse Pizza

Label / Merch Print Design Proposals

In late 2019 I worked with Pinthouse Pizza in Austin, Texas, on a redesign proposal for one of their labels and some merchandise. Though the project was not ultimately used, I still felt it was a great design, and the project helped showcase of the inner workings of Shrink-Sleeve labels and color seperated artwork for merchandise. The design brief included designing a label for their 16oz cans using thier existing layout, including mention of thier 2018 accolades, and designing a complimentary T-shirt design for merchandise.

Fonts Used

Proposed Color Scheme

Design 001

T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Style: Next Level NL3600 - Black
A much more comfortable t-shirt for not much more cost

Design follows previous merch designs that incorporate the Jolly Roger logo. In this case, we are using the same hop background pattern within the Jolly Roger itself. The color of the T-Shirt was chosen with the idea of getting the green colors to print bright, and contrast well against the t-shirt. .

Front artwork size is set to 8in x 6.74in - 3 Color Print
Back artwork is set to 4in x .75 in - 1 Color Print

Design 002

I also created an alternate design with the general idea being more or less the same. The main difference here is that I created a simple, logo type design for the name of the beer, with the idea being that any future can designs would also incorporate a unique design for each name. This would give each future beer an additional differentiator besides the background artwork / pattern. It can also give us additional merchandise options, as we would have additional artwork to work with, while still keeping consistency and recognizability.

T-Shirt Design

This T-shirt design we are using the same manufacturer and color scheme as above. For this design though, I chose to leverage the logo treatment for the name “Green Battles” and create a custom illustration.

Front artwork size is set to 7in x 7.5in - 2 Color Print
Back artwork is set to 3in x 3.5in - 1 Color Print