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Development Projects I've Worked On

In March 2021, I completed a Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp offered through UT Austin, and I am currently looking to take on more development projects. Check me out on Github


Apply or Die

A MongoDB, Express, React and Node application built as the final project in a Coding Bootcamp.

Yay or Nay

An exercise in authentication and relational tables with Node, Express, Passport, MySQL and EJS.


My First foray working with MySQL using Express and Handlebars.

Good Day For A Beer Project

A group project using serverside API's and local storage.

Daily Planner App

Local Storage and the current time are used to dislpay your schedule in the past, present, and future.

Weather & Forcast Web App

A Wheather App project using serverside API's and local storage.

Dynamic Quiz

Excercise in generating dynamic elements and using local storage to track scores.

Get In Touch

Want to discuss a project, collaborate, or simply talk about who the best Heavy Metal band of all time is.... and why it's Judas Priest?