Development Projects I've Worked On

In March 2021, I completed a Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp offered through UT Austin, and I am currently looking to take on more development projects. Check me out on Github

MongoDB Express React Node REST API

My Capstone project for a web dev bootcamp, this MERN Application was built to log your job search.

HTML CSS Javascript

Internal web-app that showcases customization options for Bevy's client web sites.

Enter "SEdemo" to view live site

HTML CSS Javascript CSS & JS Animations

Landing page for The Barbershop, a craft beer and wine bar located in Dripping Springs, TX

HTML CSS Javascript jQuery

Landing page for a Acopon Brewing Co., just outside of Austin, Tx.

HTML Foundation Javascript REST API

Group project utlizing multiple API's to check the weather and give you a list of local breweries

HTML Bootstrap Javascript Local Storage

A quiz app that loads dynamic content and tracks your score using local storage.

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