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Acopon Brewing Co.

Acopon Brewing Co. Brand Identity
Acopon Brewing Co. 2 Color Identity
Acopon Brewing Co. 1 Color Identity
Acopon Brewing Co. Inversed Identity


Main Collaborators:
John McIntosh (Founder)
Dave Niemeyer (Founder)

My Role:
Identity Design
Brand Guidelines
Print Design

A restorative, or cordial medicine or application.

A small brewpub just west of Austin, TX in a town named Dripping Springs that is ever growing and evolving. The founders are huge proponents of traditional English ales which is a very underrepresented market in American craft beer. Due to this specialization, they were looking for a brand identity that was stood out within the main market they serve.

With the name chosen, I explored a variety of ideas that all had to do with health or healing including alchemy, potions, and tonics, but in the end, we decided on using a Plague Doctor. In the times of the bubonic plague, most plague doctors were simply public servants and not doctors at all. In that same sense, a pint of Acopon Brewing Co. beer may restore your spirit, though it's not advocated to actually be healthy for you, especially in excess.

The brand has developed into an interesting use of English & European terms, popular tales, folklore, and fiction.

Color Scheme



16oz Crowler Can Design

16oz Crowler Designs

Digital print, directly on can

Cask Ale Identities

English ales being their main niche, it is with no surprise that Acopon Brewing Co. aims to always have beer served unfiltered, and fermented in a cask at proper cellar temperatures. We created a series of similar identities for their most popular cask beers, which are displayed directly on the cask handles, so clients can always know what casks are on tap.

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Hans Trap Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Winter Seasonal Release

Hans Trapp was a wealthy but cruel man in the 1400’s, who was excommunicated from the church for practicing dark magic. Whereas St Nicholas would bring presents to the good children, Hans Trapp would punish the naughty children by beating them with sticks. To this day, parents use the threat of Hans Trapp to try and make children behave.

This identity was created for the breweries yearly Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, which is typically released right around the holiday season. Though Acopon does not traditionally package their beers, a custom label was designed and printed for Crowler fills of Hans Trapp.

Identity Design

Hans Trapp identity design, 1 color
Hans Trapp identity design, 1 color

16oz Can Label Design

Hans Trapp 16oz can label design


Hans Trapp white on red holiday shirt design front
Hans Trapp white on red holiday shirt design back
Hans Trapp red on black shirt design front
Hans Trapp red on black shirt design back
Polednice Pilsner identity design

Summer Seasonal Release

The Noon Witch (or The Noonday Witch; Czech: Polednice), Op. 108, B. 196, is a symphonic poem written in 1896 by Antonín Dvořák which was inspired by the Karel Jaromír Erben poem Polednice from the collection Kytice. Polednice is based on the noon demon "Lady Midday" of Slavic mythology.

Though this seasonal release has not been given it's own label design(yet), we wanted to create an identity design for merchandise as this beer is a big hit in the summer. The original Noon Witch synopsis being more of a tragic tale, we wanted to create a design that was more playful and welcoming, while also giving those refreshing summer vibes.

Circular Badge Identity Design

Polednice circular badge design
Polednice circular coaster mock up
Polednice circular t-shirt design mock up

Anniversary Promotionals

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