Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

Illustration & Print Design

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.


Main Collaborators:
Jonathon Buford (Founder)
Patrick Ware (Founder)
AZW Marketing Team

My Role:
Vector Illustration
Print Design

One of the perks of being a brew-pub and not widely distributing your beer, is you gain flexibility in your product label artwork. Below are some of my favorite labels that I have created for Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. over the years.

My approach was always to try and create an identity for each product that could stand on its own, then include a more complex illustration for the entire label.

For all my illustration work, I primarily work with vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator(Desktop and iPad) but may occasionally bring the artwork into Adobe Photoshop for effects and final touches.

Note: This page is image intensive. Fast internet connection and viewing on a desktop is recommended.

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