Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

Identity / Logo Design

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.


Main Collaborators:
Jonathon Buford (Founder)
Patrick Ware (Founder)
AZW Marketing Team

My Role:
Identity Design
Identity Animation

Before this brewpub even began packaging their beer, we already new we wanted to create individual stories and brands for as many of their individual products as possible. This allowed the small brewpub to not only better promote their products, but also gave them greater touch points for merchandising, which can be a huge revenue driver for breweries.

By my estimation, I have designed over 200 different identities and labels in packaged format for Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. The brewers typically send me a name and a concept for each beer, and I work to translate their vision both in identity and label design, making suggestion for improvements along the way. Below is a small collection of some of my favorite designs over the years.

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